Radare2 Summer of Code 2019 Selection Results

April 2, 2019

As you might remember radare2 organization was a part of Google Summer of Code for many years already. Sadly this year we weren’t selected for participation, thus decided to open our own Radare2 Summer of Code season one more time (we did a few time already too). We want to thank NowSecure and KeenLab of Tencent one more time for helping us to make it happen.

The rules and requirements for the RSoC'19 were very similar to GSoC one, with a slightly shifted schedule, so people would give RSoC selection results before the GSoC deadline, to be able apply to GSoC in case of RSoC rejection. Back to the business, this year we accepted two students:

We congratulate both students, thanking them for their contributions they did already, wish them luck with upcoming endless nights of labourous coding and debugging. Both tasks are very important for day-to-day radare2 usage of almost everyone, further improving the user experience and analysis accuracy.

Let the RSoC begin!