End of RSoC participants application

May 4, 2014

As announced, the applications are now closed. We currently have a little bit less than 25 applicants, this is incredible. They are all encouraged to join the #radare channel, and to submit (at least) one (non-trivial) patch to the radare2 codebase and one test case to radare2-regressions (any github issue, including closed is ok for writing test) to allow us to check that they know some code :)

We can not afford to accept everyone, and we apologize for this: we should only be able to pay two people. Maybe the next year we’ll be able to find some sponsors ;)

But we will be super happy to help you (and to give your a nice r2 T-shirt) if you still want to contribute to the project anyway! Feel free to work together with people that applied for the same task that yours.

If everything goes well, we’ll disclose the names of the selected people in 4 days.