Hacklu 2015

October 27, 2015

Like last year, some radare2 developers and contributors went to the 11th edition of the hack.lu, in Luxembourg, to hold not one, but two 5 hours-long workshops!

  • maijin did the first part, about what is radare2 and how to use it
  • jvoisin did the second one, about how to write a nocd for a classic game, and (based on the work of NighterMan, also about how to unpack shikata ga nai with ESIL.
  • crowell (whose ctf team, shellphish scored 4th worldwide, and first locally, on the hack.lu ctf, likely thanks to their usage of radare2.) did the third part, about how to pwn things and to pop shells!
  • xvilka finished the workshop with a top-notch part about how to deal with firmwares using radare2.

Of course, we put the slides (and their sources, if you enjoy reading LateX) and the materials online :)

Overall, it seems that people really enjoyed attending the workshop, and we had a lot of interested questions to answer. We look forward to add your name on the radare2 user list, and to answer your questions on irc.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and to the hack.lu staff for organizing such a wonderful conference!