Playing with rasm2

May 2, 2014

Radare2’s assembler/disassembler is rasm2, and albeit being used internally, it is also a standalone binary that you can use.

It can of course disassemble

$ rasm2 -d 89d85d90
mov eax, ebx;pop ebp;nop

but also assemble

$ rasm2 'mov eax, ebx;pop ebp;nop'

Not only x86, but also mips

$ rasm2 -a mips  'addiu a1, a2, 8'
$ rasm2 -a mips -d 0800c524
addiu a1, a2, 8

and many more. You can have the full list with rasm2 -L.

It can also describes all opcodes, in case you don’t know them all.

$ rasm2 -w sqrtpd
compute square roots of packed double-fp values

There is a RSoC task about adding a new architecture, and we are always looking for new related unit-tests.