R2-1.0 Finally released

November 6, 2016

radare2 1.0 comes with 20122 new lines of new features, bug fixes and enhancements. Here some of the most important highlights:

The project have finally reached 1.0. What does it mean?

It means that 10 years have passed and the ecosystem changed enough since its inception that it requires a new rethink of the versioning numbers.

Pushing a new release every 6 weeks, increasing 0.1. And adding +1.0 after every r2con. The 3rd version number will be used in case of emergency because of a buggy release or a backported security fix. In this case a +0.0.1 will be released.

The community evolves in a pretty healthy way, and contributors come and leave over time. This release conforms the base for the future of radare, providing a more structured and predictible evolution of features and apis.

In addition. The r2pipe bindings proved to be more than enough for most needs of our users, more stable, available on more languages and faster than the native bindings. So this is the recommended way to script r2 or write tools that interact with it.

Language bindings will be still maintained, but it requires some focus, which is actually low, in the sense that I’m just fixing when the build breaks.

Check out radare.org or github for more details.