Radare 0.10.2

April 11, 2016

radare2 0.10.2 - Release Notes

Codename: Panamake

As usual, some numbers first:

Contributors: 48
Commits: 480
Issues: 135

Grep stats:
* Fixes: 269
* Add: 107
* Enhance: 7
* New: 7
* Esil: 18
* Anal: 36
* Leak: 15

Contributor commit counter: (sys/pie.sh)

$ sys/pie.sh 0.10.1 | sort -un | tail -n 13
1	Adrien Garin
2	Adr1
3	Kitsu
4	Darredevil
5	Anders Kaare
6	Aneesh Dogra
7	Evan Shaw
8	Jeffrey Crowell
12	Maijin
16	Anton Kochkov
36	oddcoder
46	Álvaro Felipe Melchor
237	pancake

Special thanks from pancake to:

  • @revskills for the massive fuzzing
  • Google for the GSoC
  • Ghostbar for being the new Debian maintainer and update r2 packages
  • Nibble for coming back
  • Alvaro Felipe Melchor for the elf relocs, dyldcache and the massive bugfixing.
  • oddcoder for being the most active student
  • Daniel Dominguez for the initial coredump support

This release is much bigger than we ever thought. Thanks to Google and GSoC applications process we’ve got an honest amount of a students’ contributions, who implemented a few file formats, improved analysis and fixed a bunch of issues.


  • Add r2 -d and -R shortcuts to simplify loading rarun2 profiles and using remote debugging plugins
  • Support for cryptography (blowfish, rc2, rc4, aes, xor, ror, rol)
    • woE/woD
    • rabin2 -E
    • Adding wo*y commands using clipboard instead of [val]
  • Better PE and ELF parsers
  • New easter-egg!
  • dyldcache extractor is working again
  • Support for BOCHS
  • Coredump support for iOS and OSX
  • New fileformats, namely Python bytecode and Flash files
  • Improved analysis and emulation thanks to ESIL on x86, ARM and MIPS
  • New make menu to choose plugins to build
  • Add ?E clippy echo and use it in ????
  • xrefs and types are now properly saved/restored from projects

New R2PM packages

  • ramoji2
  • www-t and www-p
  • syms2elf

Better Disassembly

  • Add asm.spacy and asm.flgoff
  • noreturn function database is much more reliable now
  • Summary mode (pds)
  • Press R in visual to rotate on the color themes. (see scr.randpal)
  • Fix some asm.spacy and asm.flgoff glitches
  • Add ecn and use it from VR with scr.randpal
  • asm.fcnsign is now working for non-windows binaries
  • asm.(symbol|section)[.col]
  • Added m68k parse pseudo plugin and enhance the arm one
  • Fix ROR/ROL ESIL expressions for x86-64 capstone
  • Honor fcn.fcnlines in fcnvarlist


  • WebUI moved to a separate repository.
  • some of them accessible via r2pm (r2pm -i www-t www-m)
  • use Grunt, update all dependencies, indent code, minify, ..
  • Fixed some XSS vulns
  • Added http.referer checks to fix CSRF vuln


  • z80: better analysis
  • SNES: better analysis too and support 16-bit immediate operands
  • m68k: fixed bugs and improved analysis. honor asm.cpu
  • ARM (better analysis and emulation, handle IT)
    • Honor ARM conditional bits to skip bxeq lr and such
    • Better Thumb support
    • Assemble blx for arm32 and thumb
  • New plugins!
    • Adding initial support for PIC18C diassembler
    • python bytecode disassembler
    • Flash bytecode disassembler

File formats

  • PE parser is much better now! (version info + handling even more fucked’up PEs)
  • Support Swift-Demangle
  • JSON output for classes+ methods
  • Add support for parsing TLS and add TLS callback addresses to the list of entry points
  • Extracting iOS’s dyldcache is working again (thanks @alvaro_fe)
  • *.pyc file format
  • *.swf file format
  • Better parsing of PE and ELF files
  • Add versioninfo support for PE and ELF
  • Fix #2780 havecode field


  • Disassemble first basic block in callgraphs
  • Summary graph (af;VVP’)
  • Add graph.gv variables to set custom graphviz styles
  • Fix #4374 - ags command to show simplified flowgraph


  • radiff2 -C does not analyze by default, mimics r2 -A
  • Does not diff strings because they are not functions
  • Increase memory limit for code diffing


  • Colorful entropy bars
  • file.analyze is only running when the binary contains code
  • new aex command to emulate an hexpair of native code
  • huge improvements for x86 and arm
  • Set anal.autoname by default for now
  • Adding verbosity in aaa
  • Improve mips string reference detection with ESIL
  • Honor anal.strings in aae
  • Fix aap for static and make it work in debugger
  • Find more string references for MIPS and remove some false positives.
  • ROP search find honor search.align and detects more cases
  • Do not autoname functions by default. Add e anal.autoname
  • analysis is deeper than ever: new aaaa command
  • aai command to show analysis statistics info
  • aav command to show all references for section/map
  • added lodsb,stosb and did some rep cosmetic to esil x86
  • Initial support for unions
  • Redesign the t command and add a lot of tests (@oddcoder)
  • Initialize BP register in aeim (handy for arm)


  • New bochs plugin works on Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Coredump generation for Mach0 binaries on iOS and OSX
  • MACH0 Coredump loading
  • r2 -d gdb:// no need for -D gdb
  • Added drw/arw command
  • Add r2 -R as alias for dbg.profile
  • Alias doo for ood command


  • Implement ios9 pangu’s tfp0 in the debugger
  • dyldcache extract
  • coredump generation and loading
  • Support swift-demangle if found in $PATH

Various changes

  • New r2r program in radare2-regressions repo
  • Work in progress support for squashfs
  • An aaaaaa command
  • Add r_lang_rust
  • Implement rasm2 -A to replace ranal2
  • rax2 -B and -b
  • Handle ~/.config/radare2/radare2rc.d


  • Extending wo* commands to use clipboard
  • Ps and PS commands to save project
  • Implement Cz like Cs with automatic length detection
  • Implement new commands: yl, yw, ywx, wz
  • Implement ys to show clipboard as string
  • Honor q in scripts to stop interpreter
  • Add rarun2 execve to avoid posix_spawn