Radare2 is documented

November 26, 2014

Some miscreants are saying that radare2 is not documented, this is wrong.

The Book

The “radare book” was released together with radare 1.0, several years ago, so some of the examples/features may not be compatible with radare2.

You can read it online or download the PDF.

Recently, our tester in chief, maijin, started a project to update the radare book to create the radare2 book; feel free to contribute.

A book focused on practical case by monosource is also available : radare2-explorations


The radare2 api (aka libr) is described in vapi files. Those files are translated by valaswig into swig interface files to generate the bindings for python, ruby, perl and others.

Those Vala vapi files are at the same time parsed by Valadoc to generate the online documentation.


Some e-zines and bloggers have published articles about how to use radare.

  • phrack, issue #66, article 14, manual binary mangling with radare, by pancake
  • arteam#4, handy primer on linux reversing, by Gunther
  • canthack.org, Adventures with Radare2 #1: A Simple Shellcode Analysis, by a concatenation of geeks from Canterbury, UK.
  • dustri.org, Defeating IOLI with radare2, by jvoisin
  • crowell’s blog
  • trollprod.org wrote some blogposts in French.
  • dukebarman’s blog - articles about Radare2 in Russian language.
  • This blog ;)


People gave talks about radare2 at several well-know conferences, like hack.lu, pses, oggcamp, rootedlabs, lancon, … We also did a lot of workshops!


There are some worthful information and gems on our wiki. Feel free to complete it with your favourites tips and tricks.


@pwntester did a really great cheatsheet to put on your wall, along with the refcard.