RSoC 2015

March 3, 2015

It seems that our rejection from the GSoC is becoming a tradition: along with Mozilla, Tor, The Linux Foundation, and OWASP, we weren’t accepted. But fear not, like last year, we’re going to do our very own Radare Summer of Code: welcome to the RSoC'15!

Last year was our first time. Some things went wrong, others went well; but at the end r2 gained both shiny features and happy new contributorsa and those are the only things that really matter. This year, we’ll try to improve our weak points, to make it ever more awesome for students, mentors, and users!

Of course, if would have been great to be accepted by Google. Their program has more visibility, more money, and a larger student pool.

However, this situation also has advantages: we accept everyone, not only students, we don’t have country-based restrictions, and we don’t have strict deadlines: if you want to work a bit less, or a bit more, this is not an issue; we’re flexible on everything.


So, stay tuned, you’ll hear about our RSoC soon, we promise!