RSoC selections results

May 9, 2014

We’re the 8th of May, and as planned, this is the day we announce the selected applicants/tasks.


Thanks to the crowfunding, we managed to get a fair amount of money, less than we hoped, but it’s still nice.

  • Euros: 1347 EUR
  • Bitcoin: 0.45 BTC
  • Dogecoins: 123935 XDG

We didn’t managed to get corporate sponsors. Hopefully, since the project is gaining momentum, we’ll be able to get some for next year!


We selected two applicants, and we’ll give them $1000 each if they complete their tasks. We would have been delighted to pay everyone, but we can’t. We decided to give money to people that are needing money, and that who are working on prioritary tasks.

We’d like to say thanks to the other applicants for several reasons:

  1. Thank you for applying. This is our first RSoC, and we’re a small project: thank you very much for believing in us.
  2. Some of you said that they don’t care about the money: they’ll do a RSoC even if they are not payed. We’ll be super-happy to help you getting code into radare2!


We may not be able to pay you all, however, we’ll send you a T-Shirt and some stickers anyway!

Selected people

pancake, jvoisin, dso and xvilka voted, and selected the following people:

  • fr33tux, for enhancing sdb, and integrating it more deeply in radare2.
  • zakharvoit, for implementing Python bytecode support and refining/improving python bindings (ctypes based).

Also, a lot a people applied, and when we said that we would not manage to accept everyone, some of them declined the monetary retribution.

Here are the open develop groups:

  • inisider (with PDB/WinDbg task)
  • alex_x86 and dukebarman (with WebUI task)
  • Hyask (with Templates task)
  • mfk (width SDBtization task)
  • Frankowski Jody (with Signatures and Data Analysis task).

Other applicants are free to join whatever group they want to help getting things done.