The GSoC is Over!

August 25, 2015

Good news everyone! Our first time participation in the Google Summer of Code, thanks to our previous and current experience of the hosting of the Radare Summer of Code, was a great success. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the great Solar Designer, who took us under Openwall’s project umbrella for the GSoC.

We had two GSoC students successfully complete tasks related to Radeco, our new, work in progress, decompiler.

Our students have done an amazing job, learning radare, learning Rust, and becoming important parts of the radare community.

At first, we should note that they have actively participated in the deep research of the existing decompilers, papers about SSA and decompilation process and even some books. This allowed them to dig into this area of knowledge and design a brand new graph-based intermediated representation, which took all the best from the various practical and academical ILs/IRs.

At second, they were able to learn new language Rust quite fast, and unleash the whole power of the types checking to make their life easier and (sometimes) improve the types system/algorithms itself.

By the end of the summer, they have written a combined total of almost 7,000 lines of rust to create utilities for converting ESIL to a new SSA IL called RadecoIR, complete with constant propagation, dead code elimination, and soon, some great pseudo-c output!

We’d like to thank Google’s Open Source Programs for hosting the GSoC, Openwall (especially solardiz) for accepting us as a subproject, mentors xvilka and crowell, pancake for constantly providing support, and of course our students sushant94 and dkreuter for making this possible.

If you have the chance, give radeco a try, we’d love to see your bug reports, suggestions, and especially your pull requests ;D