We have been acquired by Hex-Rays

April 1, 2015

[edit] Of course, this article was an April fool.


This will be the final post here (you can now follow us on this one instead), as radare has been acquired by Hex-Rays, and the radare2 project will be soon ported to ida-python. This has several advantages :

  • Maintaining such a big software in such an old language like C is tiresome, using a high-level one will allow use to write more features in less lines of code.
  • Everyone (especially our lead-dev, pancake) enjoys Python.

Within the next few hours, we will do our best to delete all traces of the radare code base from the internet, as we no longer think that free or open-source is the best way for us to go. Closed-source will allow us to provide paying updates and bugfixes, selling formations and support, thus supporting our development expenses and fees.

You’ll become also more credible to your management when you’ll speak about radare2; because it has now an expensive licensing scheme, instead of being a dodgy hippie free-licensed software

Speaking of good news, as you may be aware of, Hex-Rays creates a decompiler, and the next release will be based on ESIL, adding emulation capabilities to it (a bit like x86emu) allowing much more accurate an readable decompilation!

We’d like to thank Ilfak and the whole Hex-rays crew for hiring most of the core dev, and welcoming them in their Belgium offices!

Stay tuned, and see you around a beer in Lièges :)