We were at hack.lu 2014!

November 6, 2014

Hack.lu was a really great 4 day long convention in Luxembourg, organised by the CIRCL, where we (jvoisin, maijin and xvilka) did two 6h-long workshops about radare2 wit in front of a crowed room. In total more than 60 people attended!

At first, we didn’t expected much people and planned only one workshop. But we ended up refusing people and doing a second one the day after!

Maijin did the first part, dedicated to reversing and actually using radare2, jvosin the second one about exploitation, and xvilka did the last one; about reversing and analysing firmwares.

According to twitter it seems that overall, people enjoyed it. The slides and practical materials should appear on the radare blog and on the hack.lu archive.

The organisation was kind enought to let us do a lighting talk in front of the whole assembly right before the second workshop.

It’s worth noticing that a lot of speakers mentionned radare2 in their talks; we’re getting famous!

To sum up, we spent a lot of time teaching how to use radare2, did a lighting talk and spent 4 days eating amazing food!