We'll be at hack.lu 2014

August 31, 2014

We are accepted at hack.lu, both for a talk and a workshop: three of our contributors (jvoisin, maijin and xvilka) will be in Luxembourg to spread to good word about radare2!


If you don’t know radare2 yet, make sure to attend the talk, since it will explain what it is, why a tool like this is needed, and some examples about what it’s possible to achieve with it: exploitation, firmwares, malwares analysis, …


If you already know radare2 (or attended the talk) and wish to know more about it and get your hands dirty, we’ll be happy to show you some black-magic at the workshop! Feel also free to send us emails or brag on irc about what you wish to see/learn during this event.

See you in there ;)