Who uses r2 ?

June 11, 2014

Everyone knows IDA and Ollydbg, but not everyone has 2700€ to spend on a software, nor wants to trust/use closed-source applications.

But who uses radare2 as a replacement ?

Cool projects

Some reverse-engineering/security-oriented projects are using radare2, thanks to its convenient license (GPL/LGPL).


Since radare2 has some useful features for the exploit hunter/developer, it was expected to be found here.

IT security companies and researchers

Since radare2 is open and scriptable, it is slowly being adopted as a malware reversing and classification tool.


A lot of talks about radare2 were given in various places: rootedcon, lacon, blackhat, phdays, nopcon, owasp, ncn, campus party, summercamp, fiberparty, …

You can get slides here.

CTF teams

Capture the flag is a competition that is composed of a number of security-related challenges like exploitation and reverse engineering. If you’re dealing with convoluted and exotic binaries, radare2 is the right tool for you!

Feel free to tell us if you are using radare2 and want to be listed on this page.